Time for taking decisions! Scarce resources, environmental protection, globalisation, networking: the plastics sector is undergoing changes and facing major challenges. There is no doubt this industry will succeed in embarking upon an exciting trip into the future. At K 2016 in Düsseldorf in October you can convince yourself of this and be inspired by the solutions and innovations of an exciting industry. BMI Machines LLC will be part of this important event of the international plastic industry.

Discovery potentials

The science of materials generates key technologies – and polymers are genuine all­rounders! Polymers play a crucial role in endeavours to reduce emissions of climate damaging gases or to use energy or resources more sustainably and efficiently. Also in medical technology polymers play a part in the success in the form of smart packages, blood bags, single­use syringes, catheters, or bottles for intravenous fluids that help to raise hygiene standards. Polymer materials are marching ahead. And K 2016 will impressively show the direction they are taking.

Grasping opportunities

Industry 4.0 is already well on the way to becoming a reality. According to the experts the smart factory will soon be a fact. It may take a little time before enterprises have gathered sufficient information and expertise to successfully launch the necessary strategic changes. K 2016, which will be turning the spotlight on various aspects of Industry 4.0, offers an ideal opportunity to talk about this with experienced experts and users. Make use of this unique chance to find out how you can boost your value creation in the long term.

Pointing the way forward

All around the globe scientists are working on ways to meet the plastics and rubber industry’s demand for raw materials from sustainable sources. Hydrocarbons are needed to synthesise polymers. In this context biomass – residues of animal and plant life – is fundamentally suitable and usable biomass is generated in large quantities: For example as waste in food production or as part of shells containing chitin or as wood as a sustainable resource. The decision on which road to go is one that should be taken sooner rather than later. The Science Campus at K 2016, for example, offers a good opportity for researchers and users.

Enhancing performance

Plastics spur top athletic performance. With their poles made of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP), pole vaulters soar over the six­metre mark. Track athletes break speed records running in shoes composed of high­tech polymers. The ball in the game, also made of polymer material, ensures constant performance in any weather. Plastics literally make dreams and visions come true. K 2016 will be putting on an impressive show, demonstrating what polymer materials can do and what the global plastics and rubber industry has to offer. At K 2016 in Düsseldorf, the same sporting ethos applies as for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro: being there is everything.