BESTAR blow molding machines come equipped with die heads designed and fabricated by BESTAR. These heads achieve excellent distribution of the material or materials used. Our heads can be used for single-layer or multi-layer machines as is the case on coextrusion machines. BESTAR also offers the possibility of fabricating the machines using the famous heads W. Müller. The W. Müller heads are very precise in the production of coextruded bottles.

BESTAR heads


  1. Uniform walls
  2. Rapid color and product changes
  3. Greater stability in temperature of fused polymer.
  4. Homogenous distribution of material in total circumference of the parison.
  5. Low counter pressure of fused material.
  6. Option to include visible measuring line.


W. Müller heads


  1. Ideal for development of complex multi-layer bottles.
  2. Fabricated in Germany
  3. 6 layer capacity
  4. 38 years of experience
  5. Customer service office based in USA.
  6. Personalized development of head control software.
  7. Easy installation and disassembly.


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